Deliver Your is an online Targeted Digital Advertising & Marketing platform.
32 Million + consumers in our entertainment database have given DYA permission to market to them and have responded to surveys indicating their buying preferences for feature films, television, cable, DVD/VOD, sports, publishing, and live events.

What We Do

• We deliver personal anticipated and relevant advertisements based on what consumers have told us they want to receive

• Consumers have given us permission to market to them establishing a double opt-in relationship, and respond to DYA surveys providing their entertainment preferences.

• Our clients target the precise demographic audiences they want to reach and DYA markets directly to that audience

How We Deliver

• Clients create an HTML advertisement and a From and Subject Line with ‘marquee value’ compelling consumers to open the email
• A strong Call to Action with embedded links in the HTML drive consumer traffic to watch trailers, visit official websites, purchase tickets or products, and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter
• DYA broadcasts the HTML to the target audience through our own servers


The powerful and cost effective way to directly reach your audience.

Direct Email Marketing.

The distribution of every single film and media property is unique. We approach every online campaign the same way.

The internet allows producers, distributors, and publishers to target their audience directly in ways that were unimaginable before, and direct email marketing is the locomotive that ‘pushes’ to engage consumers directly in their in-box.

DYA has built a Movie Goer database of 32 million consumers double opted-in consumers who have given us permission to market to them according to their entertainment preferences.

DYA  provides direct email marketing and social engagement

Our Services:

Email Marketing

  • Our clients provide us with a specific audience profile of the consumers they want to reach.
  • DYA goes to our 32 million member database and identifies the number of consumers in the target audience.
  • The client creates an HTML advertisement with various calls to action links that compel the consumer to click through.
  • DYA broadcasts the HTML email to those consumers in all the geographic markets targeted by the client.

Social Media

  • Email for Media – socially engage your audience. The Email for Media widget offers three powerful tools:
  1. Consumers enter their email address for a free media download.
  2. Clients harvest the permission based email addresses for sales, updates, and re-targeting.
  3. Consumers post the product link on their Facebook wall and Twitter page for friends to Like /Comment/Follow.
  • DYA pricing is based on a CPM.